Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Weight loss stalled

Day 5 of the same weigh in. I find these stalls extremely frustrating. Why am I going hungry, spending all this time planning meals, etc, with no results? Of course I would probably feel the same if I had only lost .5 or 1 lb in this time frame. I wish I would start feeling better physically and then I could at least have that to keep my motivation waxing.
Also day 33 of this cycle. My average cycle length since the last miscarriage is 29.5 days. I don't feel preggers. Maybe my weight is stalling as a result of prolonged PMS? Every negative HPT feels like a huge failure these days, so I don't want to take one.
Admittedly, I am slacking on the working out. Today is my telecommute day. I have 1/2 hr of my lunch left, perhaps I should go downstairs and work out. That's what I'll do.

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