Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pre-schooler Cuteness

Kimo has been talking to Maile via my belly button on most nights. Particularly since he saw the 3-d photo of her. Last night he whispered "Hello little sister, I have got some mail for you" and jammed his finger into my belly button. It was SO CUTE.
Yesterday, I picked him up from daycare/preschool/whathaveyou - we call it "school". He put his jacket on and a little girl came over and said "Bye Bye Kimo" and held her arms out for a hug. He hugged her back gently and I would have given $1000 to have my camera on me at that moment. We turned to leave and another little girl came running over for a full-body hug and sloppy cheek kiss. It wasn't as cute, it was too obviously inspired by jealousy, but it was cute nonetheless. He is a little ladies' man. When he was a baby, I noticed that he responded more to women than men, and the trend continues.
My favorite lately is the way he will laugh with me, then get serious and say "Mommy, you are my best buddy".
And you are mine, too, Kimo.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Breaking News!

I'm psychic!
Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drug overdose!!!
I announced this the day her tragic demise hit the news!
Now I shall train my enormous powers on the DNA test.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

3rd Trimester!

Wow, I have started the 3rd trimester, 7th month. Hard to believe. I still worry far too much. Poor baby's cortisol level is going to be much elevated above what it should be.
First Kimo started with the cold symptoms on Thursday, then da Kane on Friday, now me today. Great, another weekend with a houseful of sickies. Da Kane has a MAN-COLD, of course, so he is oh-so-much sicker than anybody else. :-)
Sugars have been going up again. Currently on 18 U of NPH at dinner, and 8 U at breakfast, along with the 2000 mg of Metformin daily. This is normal and good, I keep telling myself - it means the placenta is doing a good job. 28 weeks is when they generally test for gestational diabetes because the insulin resistance produced by the placenta is reaching it's peak.
Need to talk to a couple more doulas and then decide. Da Kane wants to talk to my final choice, but I do think we will be having a labor doula.
Having issues with palpitations, blood pressure and rapid weight gain this week, but ob/gyn assures me it's not toxemia. BP at wal-mart yesterday was 110/65 - much more normal for me. Dropped 2 lbs this morning, so the gain must have been a lot of water.
Hey, it's snowing outside! Gotta love Colorado!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can we talk?

Da Kane is out at the store with Kimo! I.AM.ALONE.IN.MY.HOME.
WOW. It's even been 90 minutes. This is sooooo coooooool. I think it should be mandatory that I get several of these evenings a month!
I must run go do stuff without a 3 year old's help! And blast my music! Yippee!
PS. Current physical conditions I would complain about if I weren't so grateful to be 6 months pregnant:

  • Enough gas to light up Denver daily
  • Constipation that colace cannot touch
  • Heartburn that worsens every day and laughs at extra strength tums, gaviscon and/or milk/bananas/etc.
  • Heartburn that becomes little mini throw-ups in my mouth in the middle of the night and wake me up most alarmingly
  • Newest of the bunch - pounding and palpitating heart. BP was 130/84 and doc wasn't worried - I rarely go over 110/68, so this was shocking to me
  • Dizziness
  • Moods that cause me to lie awake for 45 mins before tromping downstairs to attack my innocent husband over the most minor of infractions.

Friday, March 16, 2007

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

99 days til my due date! We're in the double digits!
For some reason this pic didn't scan as good as it looks IRL (In Real Life), but you can definitely see little Maile, her hands in front of her face, and a foot there too!
All is relatively well. Interviewed a Doula yesterday and I think I really would like one, just need to convince Da Kane of the reasons for the cost and perhaps talk to a couple more.
In a typical low self-esteem reaction; the Doula recommended that I definitely talk to a couple more before making my decision and I decided that meant she didn't like me and didn't really want to work with me but didn't want to turn down the $ and say no. ARGHHH. I hate the way my mind leaps to negative conclusions as a first impulse!
The dictionary defines Doula as "a woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, and emotional support to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth". Since I have no family left that I would want to labor with me, or who are even close enough to consider it; and because I want to avoid another c-section, I think this would be a good thing for me. Da Kane will be there for me, for sure, but I don't think many man are as good at emotional support as women. Then my frugal side kicks in and says it would be a waste of money, and it ain't cheap.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ultrasound & Lucky Charms

I had my monthly ultrasound on Monday. Maile is measuring right on for dates, and all looks fine. Because of the diabetes, I will get monthly ultrasounds to make sure baby isn't getting too big. It is quite a relief. And so COOL to watch. They flipped the machine onto 3-d and I have some great pics, if I can get around to scanning and cropping them, I will post one.
Interesting that in this day and age of identity theft, my social security number is on every single one of the u/s prints.
Blood sugars have been fine, but diet is a bit off. I succumbed to the St Patrick's Day marketing and got a big box of Lucky Charms - they're Magically Delicious - don't cha know! Definitely not on the diabetes diet, or the pregnancy diet, but oh so yummy. I don't think I've had any in 2 or 3 years. What's truly amazing is that they don't do a number on my sugar levels any more than Cheerios or Oatmeal. Strange.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Oh, W(h)ine!

I really don't mean to whine, I am THRILLED to pieces over being 25 weeks pregnant. I was beginning to believe that I'd never get this far again.
But I doubt and dread and worry a lot too. This morning my fasting level was 76! My target is <90 and usually is 85ish. My first thought was that the placenta and it's insulin resistant hormones were crapping out and thus my 16U of NPH last night went much further than I thought. Upon further reflection, I was VERY active yesterday compared to normal and I ate a light dinner, didn't snack after dinner and it was 2 hours later than I normally get up.
Of course, if the placenta should start crapping out at this point, it would be pretty harsh for little Maile.
If I go more than 2 hours without feeling baby movements, I go off on a similar catastrophic thinking thread. Same thing with every oddball ache and pain, of which there are many.
I'm also feeling very unhappy with myself as a person of late. I procrastinate way, way, way too much. I have it elevated to an artform of sorts, an unattractive, smelly artform.
I am also lazy, slothful and full of more than my share of gluttony.
I am feeling very "less than" at work, which causes me to want to point the finger at everyone else, another very unattractive trait.
I took a holiday Friday just to try and get caught up with laundry and housework, so of course, I end up doing less than usual today, so I will be no further ahead than normal.
I have to work tomorrow, something I have been putting off for nearly 6 months, and I am resentful of it. I am REALLY resentful of the comments coming from the paid support people who bring up the length of time this issue has been sitting out there. A) the systems are still functioning just fine and B) WE pay YOUR company thousands of dollars a month, do you really need to get snide with the client?
I stopped by the wine store and got some red Zinfandel, my doc has ok'd a glass now and again, so I am having one tonight. Unfortunately, I once had a good red Zin that I enjoyed, so I keep chasing that dream, but this one is much too dry for my tastes. I should have just gotten a blush, I suspect this will end up being an eleven dollar glass of wine cause I won't keep the rest of the bottle for another time.
And WHAT is UP with the plastic corks? Why can't they make one that will go back into the bottle?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another 5.5 HbA1C

My A1C is holding steady at 5.5. Pretty good considering my valentine day binges were 2-4 weeks before the test. (Damn Necco Conversation Hearts)
I have started a 2nd shot of NPH in the morning to keep down my pre-dinner levels. Now that the Girl Scout Thin Mints are gone, maybe my next A1C will be lower. I'd love to see a 5.2. I return to the endo office in 6 more weeks. He said they wanted to see me every 4 weeks, but the PA said 6-8 weeks would be fine as long as I send in my sugars. I have heard from other patients here that they never see the doctor, but this is the first time in the 18 months I've been seeing him that I *haven't* seen him. We'll see how it goes. The PA had a baby 4 months ago, so we at least relate on that level.
My thyroid (TSH) came down a bit to 2.298. Seems to be a bit of controversy, my ob/gyn would like it close to 1.0, the endo said under 2 would be good, but the PA I saw this time said 2.298 is fine for pregnancy. I do find it interesting that I have all these hairs growing in at the hairline (and I assume all over my head). I'm not sure if they are due to pregnancy hormones or treating the thyroid. Perhaps in a year I will hear the hairdresser say once again "Wow, your hair is so thick, there's just so much of it". But I doubt it, since you usually lose a lot of hair 2-3 months post-partum.
I have been confronted with my "excuse calendar". First it's "Well, it's the holidays", then it's "Well, it's Valentine's Day", then it's "Well, you can only get Thin Mints this time of year". (leaving out cupcakes for my brothers in NM birthdays and Mardi Gras) Next of course is Easter. Where does it end? With me, of course. I have to remember I'm having a little girl and I DO NOT want to teach her my current/past relationship with food!
I feel very positive about the changes I have made in my health-life since Kimo was born. 14 months off cigarettes as of today. My diet is much better, with not-so-seldom binges here and there. Overall though, I'm probably eating 4x more veggies than I was. I probably haven't had 24 cocktails total in 3 years.
I am almost done with the 2nd trimester. I kind of dread what the next few months may bring. I LOVED being pregnant with Kimo, but this time, although I enjoy feeling movement, I am so much more uncomfortable at only 24 weeks. It is all worth it, I know that!