Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust!

Another pound gone! Looking back though, I put these 4 lbs on in about 5 days time a couple weeks ago so taking them off in 5 days time is not so thrilling. I have an appt with the nutritionist's nurse on Monday, so that will keep me going strong another 4 days, hopefully.
I am wearing my JDRF wristband to help me remember all the reasons I am doing this. They are mostly health-based, or son-based, very little to do with vanity. But I gotta tell you, I caught a glimpse of my butt in a pair of slacks the other day and it was horrifying.
Mostly still struggling with the lack of gum. Surprisingly enough the coffee thing hasn't bothered me much today, but I have had 2 cups of tea.
Yesterday I did my WW DVD at lunchtime and then ran around like a maniac at Soccer Buddies with my little guy after work. My heart started skipping beats and beating and odd rhythm at dinner, so I just went and layed (laid?) down and ended up asleep at 8:45, which is really when I should go to sleep anyway with a 4:45 wake-up time. I felt fine this am. I have premature ventricular contractions, but they don't usually act up unless I'm pretty hungover. Since I no longer drink enough to get that way, I was surprised. I will be watching it.
Oh, have you guys read "Julia" - another GREAT blog - I am adding it to the Blogroll!

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