Monday, October 23, 2006

Here we go again

I am elated and terrified. On day 37 of my cycle (yesterday) I finally decided that waking up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and the persistent fatigue last week were enough reasons to test and it was positive.
No doubt, 2nd line came up fast and much darker than the test line.
This is my 4th pregnancy in 2 years. The other 3 ended in weeks 7 or 8 for unknown reasons. I am week 5 now.
I have already quit smoking (9.5 months now), I don't drink hardly anyway, I am eating as well as I know how with the new nutritionist's plan. I already cut out most of the aspartame that was in my diet.
I started the progesterone suppositories last week just in case. This is another long story with my ob/gyn.
There's not much else I know to do, except cut my coffee to a minimum, exercise daily and perhaps eat a little more.
I have not told da kane yet. In an effort to protect his own feelings, he has been less than enthusiastic the last 2 pregnancies. I can understand, but I also know that we cannot get to a live biological child without going through the pregnancy, so it is cause for guarded celebration.
I need to call my endo and I'm sure they'll start me on Lantus again. I actually took 4 units last night - the starting dose of my last pregnancy. My fasting bg was 108 this morning, too high for pregnancy. However, the lantus may be old. Stupid stuff goes bad in 6-8 weeks.
I need to call my nutritionist and see what she says. Haha, this is very funny as I have left 2 messages for them in the past 10 days and they haven't returned the calls yet. I am assuming I should just up my calorie intake, but she may want to bail on the situation, given her specialty is bariatrics and sports performance.
I need to decide if I want my ob/gyn to refer me to another specialist. I like him and ADORE his nurse, but he doesn't seem to have much experience with high risk pregnancies - he certainly got DS delivered safely, but I am 3 years older and now have T2 diabetes added to the mix.
I need a good cry probably. I feel very emotional. I can't believe how frightened I am. That can't be good. I need to pray. I am not much of an organized religion person, but I do have my own strong beliefs in a higher power.
It's so ironic, my last period was 9/16. On 9/29 I told my endo we should switch focus from pregnancy to weight loss and I probably conceived within a day or two of that statement.
This is very good in that I could still get a maternity leave in under my present company. My position isn't supposed to end until 12/31/07. They have even better maternity leave now than when DS was born.
Oh, I finally dropped the lb I was stalled on Saturday. Today I am up 2 lbs from there. Funny I'm not even concerned about it now.
Now for the fun of the day:
You Are Pretty Logical

You're a bit of a wizard when it comes to logic
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Kerri. said...

Oh Kim. I'm thinking of you today and I hope everything turns out okay.

Brandie said...

Kim - I'll be praying that all goes well for you with this pregnancy. I hope that the doctors call you back and you can get seen and get thigns on track!

Anonymous said...

That sounds really hard, all around. My husband does the same thing when I am pregnant and I don't deal with it well. This one was a surprise and we're almost through.

I'm not diabetic, but I took a great supplement all of the time but especially during pregnancy. It's supposed to also be great for diabetics. I don't know if you've heard of Juiceplus+ but they have a website. It's "just" concentrated fruits and vegetables and a big chunk of what your body needs every day.

Thanks for visiting me.

kelster said...

((hugs))!!!! I'm so excited for you Kim! I know how it is with da K. I lost 2 before my ob got Samantha to stick (can we say progresterone shots for 14 weeks?) and after the 2 one my ex really didn't care about it anymore. He wasn't even supportive about dd until I was 12 weeks and my ob told him personally that she was sticking so he'd better be prepared to be a father.

My ob was the best ever! His practice has several partners and usually patients see each one so that the docs can familiarize themselves with everyone just in case they're on call for delivery, but my ob said nope "she's mine from beginning to end" Thoughtful and caring. Love that man.

((hugs)) prayers are coming to you and up to God that this one stays. congrats Kim.