Thursday, October 19, 2006

Still Stalled

Another day. I was perfectly on plan yesterday. 2 frozen meals though, which may have been a bit much sodium. I did work out. I am going to drink at least 60 oz of water today and stay on plan and cross my fingers.
Day 34 of the cycle too. That would truly be ironic if I got knocked up again the month I decided to stop "trying" so hard.
Many people might question why I weigh everyday, but believe me, it works better for me. If I weigh weekly, I am more tempted to indulge thinking I have days before the weigh in.

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Brandie said...

Good luck drinking your 60 ounces! I keep trying to drink tons and tons of water these days too.
And sorry that you are stalled on your loss :-( That would be hard to deal with I think. But, I sure hope that soon that number goes down!