Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pre-schooler Cuteness

Kimo has been talking to Maile via my belly button on most nights. Particularly since he saw the 3-d photo of her. Last night he whispered "Hello little sister, I have got some mail for you" and jammed his finger into my belly button. It was SO CUTE.
Yesterday, I picked him up from daycare/preschool/whathaveyou - we call it "school". He put his jacket on and a little girl came over and said "Bye Bye Kimo" and held her arms out for a hug. He hugged her back gently and I would have given $1000 to have my camera on me at that moment. We turned to leave and another little girl came running over for a full-body hug and sloppy cheek kiss. It wasn't as cute, it was too obviously inspired by jealousy, but it was cute nonetheless. He is a little ladies' man. When he was a baby, I noticed that he responded more to women than men, and the trend continues.
My favorite lately is the way he will laugh with me, then get serious and say "Mommy, you are my best buddy".
And you are mine, too, Kimo.

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