Saturday, March 24, 2007

3rd Trimester!

Wow, I have started the 3rd trimester, 7th month. Hard to believe. I still worry far too much. Poor baby's cortisol level is going to be much elevated above what it should be.
First Kimo started with the cold symptoms on Thursday, then da Kane on Friday, now me today. Great, another weekend with a houseful of sickies. Da Kane has a MAN-COLD, of course, so he is oh-so-much sicker than anybody else. :-)
Sugars have been going up again. Currently on 18 U of NPH at dinner, and 8 U at breakfast, along with the 2000 mg of Metformin daily. This is normal and good, I keep telling myself - it means the placenta is doing a good job. 28 weeks is when they generally test for gestational diabetes because the insulin resistance produced by the placenta is reaching it's peak.
Need to talk to a couple more doulas and then decide. Da Kane wants to talk to my final choice, but I do think we will be having a labor doula.
Having issues with palpitations, blood pressure and rapid weight gain this week, but ob/gyn assures me it's not toxemia. BP at wal-mart yesterday was 110/65 - much more normal for me. Dropped 2 lbs this morning, so the gain must have been a lot of water.
Hey, it's snowing outside! Gotta love Colorado!


justme said...

There are only two of us, but I love the time alone at home! That's just what I got this afternoon, which I spent lazing on the couch - good stuff! Wow, third trimester... not long to go now!

MileMasterSarah said...

I gained so much water weight through both of my pregnancies! No fun! It is awesome that you are in the 7th month though.