Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can we talk?

Da Kane is out at the store with Kimo! I.AM.ALONE.IN.MY.HOME.
WOW. It's even been 90 minutes. This is sooooo coooooool. I think it should be mandatory that I get several of these evenings a month!
I must run go do stuff without a 3 year old's help! And blast my music! Yippee!
PS. Current physical conditions I would complain about if I weren't so grateful to be 6 months pregnant:

  • Enough gas to light up Denver daily
  • Constipation that colace cannot touch
  • Heartburn that worsens every day and laughs at extra strength tums, gaviscon and/or milk/bananas/etc.
  • Heartburn that becomes little mini throw-ups in my mouth in the middle of the night and wake me up most alarmingly
  • Newest of the bunch - pounding and palpitating heart. BP was 130/84 and doc wasn't worried - I rarely go over 110/68, so this was shocking to me
  • Dizziness
  • Moods that cause me to lie awake for 45 mins before tromping downstairs to attack my innocent husband over the most minor of infractions.

1 comment:

Kelster said...

Hey sweetie! Girl, I totally relate to the heartburn/little throw up issue. I have to take Prilosec just to have peace. I know you can't take anything, so you TOTALLY have my sympathy.

My needy friend who's preggers told me that she was having heart palpitations a few times a day and it freaked her out too. Her OB said if it really bothered her then they'd refer her to a cardiologist. She balked at the idea.

As someone who has a cardiologist because of palpitations, here's what he told me (after the no more caffeine LOL): when it starts, do a hard cough, cough into your fist. It'll reset your heart rythem (sp?) Just fyi.

Enjoy your kidless time :) And remind Da Kane that after the angel is born you'll need more of them