Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another 5.5 HbA1C

My A1C is holding steady at 5.5. Pretty good considering my valentine day binges were 2-4 weeks before the test. (Damn Necco Conversation Hearts)
I have started a 2nd shot of NPH in the morning to keep down my pre-dinner levels. Now that the Girl Scout Thin Mints are gone, maybe my next A1C will be lower. I'd love to see a 5.2. I return to the endo office in 6 more weeks. He said they wanted to see me every 4 weeks, but the PA said 6-8 weeks would be fine as long as I send in my sugars. I have heard from other patients here that they never see the doctor, but this is the first time in the 18 months I've been seeing him that I *haven't* seen him. We'll see how it goes. The PA had a baby 4 months ago, so we at least relate on that level.
My thyroid (TSH) came down a bit to 2.298. Seems to be a bit of controversy, my ob/gyn would like it close to 1.0, the endo said under 2 would be good, but the PA I saw this time said 2.298 is fine for pregnancy. I do find it interesting that I have all these hairs growing in at the hairline (and I assume all over my head). I'm not sure if they are due to pregnancy hormones or treating the thyroid. Perhaps in a year I will hear the hairdresser say once again "Wow, your hair is so thick, there's just so much of it". But I doubt it, since you usually lose a lot of hair 2-3 months post-partum.
I have been confronted with my "excuse calendar". First it's "Well, it's the holidays", then it's "Well, it's Valentine's Day", then it's "Well, you can only get Thin Mints this time of year". (leaving out cupcakes for my brothers in NM birthdays and Mardi Gras) Next of course is Easter. Where does it end? With me, of course. I have to remember I'm having a little girl and I DO NOT want to teach her my current/past relationship with food!
I feel very positive about the changes I have made in my health-life since Kimo was born. 14 months off cigarettes as of today. My diet is much better, with not-so-seldom binges here and there. Overall though, I'm probably eating 4x more veggies than I was. I probably haven't had 24 cocktails total in 3 years.
I am almost done with the 2nd trimester. I kind of dread what the next few months may bring. I LOVED being pregnant with Kimo, but this time, although I enjoy feeling movement, I am so much more uncomfortable at only 24 weeks. It is all worth it, I know that!


justme said...

nice a1c! It is great reading these pregnancy stories, as I have not yet got there... And not too long to go for you!!

Kelster said...

((HUGS)) Congrats on only 107 days to go!

My needy friend that's preggers along with you is having the same uncomfortable issues. It's been 6 years since her first child and she says this pregnancy is totally different. She's exhausted ALL the time, it's hard to breathe, she's had kidney issues, hemaroid (sp?) issues, all things she didn't have with the first one. She can't wait until the end of April when she delivers.

((hugs)) did you pick out a name yet? hmmmmm?

Jim F said...

Congrats on the 5.5. To be honest I don;t think mine was ever that low. I kinda envy you. (In a good way!)