Tuesday, May 22, 2007

35 weeks 3 days

Still feeling pretty yucky. That would be the medical term. Ob/Gyn Doc's latest guess is Asthmatic Bronchitis. But since he doesn't even listen to my heart, much less my lungs, I think he is just guessing. I may need to see my Primary Care doc.
I am concerned that some of this is prepartum depression. I have a long history of mild depression. I can feel it, but have been off my anti-depressants this whole pregnancy. When I had Kimo they were deemed pretty safe, so I was on them about 1/2 the time. This time around they have some mildly disturbing studies, so I haven't taken them at all.
My reading tells me that prepartum depression increases the risk of postpartum depression, so this is something I will bring up at my appointment Friday.
I am very irritable and on-edge. My husband is getting the brunt of it, but even working from home, I am taking a lot out on my co-workers and boss. I can hardly stand myself.
I vacillate about 10 times a day about taking short term disability. This indecisiveness is making me batty too! I also can't decide what to do with the early c-section suggestion.
I have absolutely no energy for housework or baby prep. I really must get going on washing baby clothes and fixing window treatments in the kids' room and keeping the mess to a minimum. Much less several other projects I would like to do.
Sorry for another incoherent, non-cohesive ramble. Someday I will write a real blog post with a theme, and intro, and a conclusion!


kelster said...

((HUGS)) Hang in there, sweetie.

You know, it sounds like taking the disability might be the way to go. You've only got a month left, right?

I would definately talk to the doc re: the prepartum depression. Maybe there's something natural that you can take that might help?


Flmgodog said...

I am so sorry you feel like crap (mentally and physically) it sounds like. I would definately check into the prepartum depression. Hopefully their is something that can help.

Not too much longer until she is here!!!

Flmgodog said...

WE haven't heard from you in awhile is everything still ok???

Is the baby here yet?

Anonymous said...

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