Friday, May 11, 2007

3 down, 1 without symptoms

Perhaps we've found the answer to my illness mystery. Kimo has strep also. Not a single symptom - no fever, no cold, no sore throat. A small patch of rash on his upper chest. I wouldn't have ever suspected Strep if Da Kane's test hadn't come back positive.
Kimo's last cold was 3-4 weeks ago. Talking to his daycare today, one of his little friends (L) was diagnosed with strep 5 or 6 weeks ago after his brother came down with it. L never had a symptom. Daycare says they put a sign up. Well, they put a sign on the front door - "we have one confirmed case of strep". Of course, I took note of it, but come on - how about telling me that a child he spends 11 hours a day with has strep and no symptoms - that would have made more of an impression.
Anyway, all 3 of us are on antibiotics. I suspect I have just kept getting re-infected this past 6 weeks. Maybe there's hope yet that I will improve. But if Kimo goes back to school Monday and just gets re-infected because another kid in his class has symptom-less strep, I am going to be ANGRY. Untreated strep can cause rheumatic fever/scarlet fever, problems with the feteus I'm carrying.
Da Kane is in Las Vegas. I am single-momming it for the mother's day weekend, with both of us not feeling well. I went ahead and took a week off to try and get better. I'm sick of taking 2-3 days off each week and still not improving. My doc is willing to put me on disability, but I really hope that's not necessary.


1of3Wishes said...

Strep w/o symptoms? Who'da thunk it! The only time I ever had it, I could barely swallow!

Glad you got it figured out and everyone is taking steps to get better!

Hey, I was just wondering what Da Kane meant. It sounds like a term of endearment because I know you are speaking of your husband when you use it. Just curious.


kelster said...


Hang in there, sweetie!