Friday, November 03, 2006

Houston, We have a heart beat

Hard to believe, but the fetus is 0.62 cm (1/5 inch) long and ALREADY has a heartbeat! So far so good.
Off to Albuquerque with the travel trailer for a long weekend, be back Tuesday for the election. PLEASE let sanity prevail this time and let's throw those republicans OUT! I considered myself a republican for a long time, but face it, we need to shake Washington up! Is this the country you thought it was as a child?
Blood sugar was 84 at bedtime, so I drank a cup of warm milk to keep from going low overnight with the Humulin N I am taking now. So this morning, it was 107! Doctor would like it below 90 since I'm preggers, so I guess I didn't need the milk? Isn't there a happy medium SOMEWHERE? This balancing act is kinda tricky with the additional hormones doing god knows what.

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