Monday, November 20, 2006

9w 2d - moving right along

Only 18 days to go til the next ultrasound - big screening to see how bebe is doing. Actually seems like a very long time since the last u/s was 7 days ago. I worry with every twinge. It's awful in a way.
I'm in a pumpkin pie contest today. I made a lower sugar pie yesterday and only made one! When da Kane complained, I mentioned that he doesn't even like pump.pie and he said it smelled good so he wanted a piece. Oh I see, you eat one piece and then I have 7 slices of my favorite pie hanging around the house? And it won't still be good in 4 or 5 days, so I still have to make one fresh on Wed or Thurs.
Sugars are "ok". Could still be a little lower in the am. I am up to 8 units of Humulin N at dinner time and today's fasting was still 93. They want it below 90 while I am preggers. Easy enough to do if I would stick to my eating plan!!

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