Monday, November 27, 2006

10w 2d or now my teeth give out

My body has a way of getting even with me. I am so worried about every lower abdominal twinge and trickling feelings that I just ignored a sore jaw Friday. Saturday I found the Anbesol and started applying it regularly. Sunday I was grateful that they have now ok'd ibuprofen for the first 6 months of pregnancy.
Of course, my quarterly cleaning appt is tomorrow but I could NOT wait another day for some help. Went to see Dr Paul, my dentist/comedian today. Apparently a root canal I had done in Hawaii some 12-14 years ago is not completely root free and I have some sort of infection below the tooth. Loverly.
I never did like that dentist, didn't feel comfortable in his professionalism. Having moved so much in my life; I have seen lots of different dentists. There are only 2 who I really felt weren't doing a good job. Or maybe a couple more that I never went back to, but only 2 who did any substantive work on my pearly whites. (after 27 years of smoking and 25 years of heavy coffe/cola consumption, perhaps ivories would be a better choice of words).
This is not the first time my teeth have started acting up in the 1st trimester. I'll save you the boring stories but I will offer some hard-learned advice - NEVER, EVER, EVER go for a dental cleaning in your 8th month of pregnancy!! Ouchie!
I had a nice thanksgiving overall. I must admit that I let the teeth and preg worries take over and I was rather snappish to both da Kane and my dear son. I will have to make it up to them. 4 days straight of a 3 yr old is a bit much unless you're some kind of early childhood education saint!

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