Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday with nothing really up

I started a post on the fear I feel about this baby. Didn't finish it because it's so DONE. Everyone who reads this blog must know how afraid I am that this baby won't get here safely. I think it winds me up more to talk about it.
I started a post with my letter to my pancreas, which is a topic making the rounds of the D-OC these days. It was boring. (My post, not the others I have read).
So here I am, just wanting to post something this week, but really no subjects I feel inspired to type on about.
I am tired, bored with work, constantly dealing with heartburn. Sick of the gerbil wheel I run from Monday through Sunday.
Took my little guy to the doc last night for the endless cold that will not leave and now includes a croupy sounding cough. His lungs were clear, no fever, no ear infection, no nothing but gobs of thick green snot. The PA thinks maybe a sinus infection and gave us a round of amoxicclyn (spelled wrong, I know, too lazy to look it up) and some codeine cough syrup (that actually works!). Normally, I wouldn't really want him on an antibiotic for such a vague diagnosis, but he's been sick (with one cold after another) since mid-December and he hasn't had an antibiotic in over a year, so I think it's safe to try.
Monday is our 5 year anniversary. I still say the mortgage signing was scarier. We had a beautiful wedding in Hawaii, but the mortgage signing the next year made the "til death do us part" all so much more real.
Next Wednesday is my level 2 ultrasound as well as Valentine's day and a V-day party at the little guy's daycare. They posted a letter asking that we bring in vegetables that start with a "V". (Or pre-processed snacks that must be in their original container with label so they can easily read the dozens of additives) HUH? Exactly which vegetables start with a "v". Vucchini? Vadishes? Varrots? Come ON, people!
They also had a permission slip for my son to make valentine's day cards which will then be sold for FIVE DOLLARS a piece to benefit the March of Dimes. I don't pay FIVE DOLLARS for Da Kane's v-day card. My son cannot draw anything representative. Why wouldn't they have the 3 year olds making Valentine's day cards for their parents? The whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way ENTIRELY.
The March of Dimes has only a 1 star rating from Their president makes $467,544 a YEAR! Only 75% of your donation actually goes towards their programs. They are the lowest ranked of the 14 charities listed for "Birth Defects". Not to say they're not a worthwhile organization, but how did they rope Kindercare - one of the largest daycare chains in the USA - with over 200,000 kids - into coercing parents into donating so they can have a valentine's day card from their kid? They already collect over 214 MILLION dollars a year in donations.


Kelster said...

girl, I popped in to see how the baby was and was LOL over the v-day veggies. Too funny.

It's quite the racket that the Charity has going on. I'm surprised that someone hasn't reported them.

If da Kane doesn't like it, then he can make a sandwich. Your kids will grow up appreciating a multispectrum of food while whispering about their dad "he only does meat and potatoes. And the only veggies are green beans and corn". (obviously, I've been there with my own dad LOL!)

Lyrehca said...

I say bring in whatever vegetables you like and rename them "very good carrots" or "very tasty zucchini."