Friday, February 16, 2007

Lovely Organs, m'dear

The Level 2 ultrasound went swimmingly. All organs present and accounted for. They zoomed into the heart and we could even see the valves opening and closing. Weight and length were good, amniotic fluid level was good. Phew!
Specialist (perinatologist) thinks there's no reason I can't try for a VBAC. HOWEVER, he does not like to see Type 2 diabetics go past 1 week before their due date. That's when I had the c-sec with Kimo, so I wonder what the chances are that I will go into labor before then. My mother was premature once and late twice with her pregnancies.
Doc was pleased with my A1C of 5.5%. He explained that high sugar levels cause the placenta to age more quickly, so that gave me another reason to stay on top of sugar levels.
I have a ZILLION reasons to keep my sugar levels low and exercise and eat right and that never seems to be enough for me. I wonder when I will find the magic answer.
I wanted a moment of clarity about quitting smoking for 5 years and when I was finally successful (13 months so far) there was no magic answer, no epiphany, no burning bush, I just did what I had to do to not put a cig in my mouth each day until it started getting easier.
Does this mean I should just journal every bite I eat and exercise for 20 mins a day no matter what until it starts getting easier? I think it does, but how do I start?
I need a cute blog name for my son - any ideas?

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Kelster said...

I love the "da Kane" so maybe you find something Hawaiian for J?

Great news about the girly girl! Any baby names yet?