Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ranting on Calendars and Hamburger

Quite a title, isn't it? I am tired of debating VBAC/RCS and discussing pregnancy, so I thought I would rant about some other things that have caught my eye lately.

  • Why do most calendars run the week from Sunday to Saturday? Not that I'm overly religious but didn't God rest on the 7th day? Which Christians observe on Sunday? Or is the average US calendar based on Judaism, where the Sabbath is Saturday? Why do we call it a week-END if one of the days is the first day of the week, and the other is actually the end of the week? Doesn't it actually feel like the week starts on Monday - at least if you work a standard Mon-Fri shift? It makes a lot more sense to see a calendar run Monday thru Sunday, but you can rarely find them. Especially if you wait until mid-January when calendars are 75% off to buy your yearly wall hanging.
  • Are the grocery stores jumping on the "Make America Obese" bandwagon? I have noticed for a couple years that you cannot buy a pound of hamburger anymore, unless you get the "chubs" - those tube shaped pre-packaged hamburger packages that have a weird texture and contain who knows what from the slaughter house. At first, the packages went to 1.1 lbs. Or maybe 1.09 or 1.11, but well beyond 1.0 lbs, which is what every recipe in the world calls for. On my last grocery trip I could NOT find a package smaller than 1.23 lbs. That's almost a quarter larger than I need! That serves 5 people, instead of 4 and we're a family of 3. The large 5 lb packages that you could presumably re-package into 1 lb packages (in your spare time) are always the high fat meat - 84% lean my butt - that's 16% fat! If you buy it from the butcher man at the counter, you can get him to package 1 pound only but pay a premium. Would I rather pay 25% more for 25% more meat or for the luxury of only having 1 pound of meat?
  • Why do people move to Colorado, buy a 1500 pound Dodge Neon, take it out in the snow and ice and then act amazed that it crashes and causes a traffic jam; making those of us in our sensible Subarus late for work?

Those are the random items that have irritated me beyond reason this week. How about you?

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Maniacally Monday said...

Some days I dream of opening a grocery store where things are somehow packaged in a non-wasteful way, but packaged nonetheless for individual or two people servings. It seems to me that everything is now designed for families of at least 4 if not 5, and for those of us who are smaller families, it becomes a big pain.