Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I like Diane Keaton. I think she's a good actress and she certainly looks stunning for 61 years old. I had the impression that she was intelligent. I like L'Oreal too - I even use one of their moisturizers, and LOVE Garnier Fructis. HOWEVER, "re-densify" is not even CLOSE to a real word. So, DO NOT use it in a commercial, a blog, a book, even a magazine ad or article!

Tomorrow is my endocrinologist appointment. I have not seen him since I said:
"Let's change the focus from getting pregnant to losing weight"

then promptly conceived, probably that very night. I am a bit concerned because I have been lax on testing my blood sugar except for fasting levels. While I know fasting level is important, it's the after-meal levels that can damage you long-term and make for a fat little baby. I am not sure how to go about reminding myself. I think my A1C might be high. Also anxious because he is probably not going to be happy that he is just now seeing me at 17 weeks, when he stressed before he wanted to see me every 4 weeks. I have asked the nurse several times if he doesn't want to see me sooner via my faxed blood sugar reports (when I send them) and she doesn't respond.

It's that old male in authority fear - he might yell at me. OH WELL.

Work has been stinky, icky, yucky poo. Or as my darling son would say - POOPY.
OH WELL. I have to deal with these people for approximately 11 more months. And I get 3 of those months off for FMLA or good behavior.

It is of the utmost irony to me that the one time in my life that I am ALLOWED to gain weight (modest amounts anyway), I can barely stay the same. It really isn't fair. My appetite is off and when it's on, it seems to want fruit and such.

Da Kane is still reserving excitement over the impending birth. I realize that he is protecting his emotions, but we are past all the spots where we miscarried before and all the miscarriages were (most likely) genetic and we have a good Amnio report back now. Chances are very good that we will have a baby at the end of June. I feel a little shortchanged that my husband cannot be excited with me. This is not the first time I have been disappointed in da Kane's reaction or lack thereof. I can only surmise that this will not be the last time I feel this let-down. I cannot help but wonder if my next life will bring me a more satisfying primary relationship.


Flmgodog said...

I hope all goes well with the endo. He probably will have some sort of choice words for you at the appointment but I am sure only because he wants you to be healthy.
Take care and let us know how it goes.
Wish I was the optimistic one in our relationship about this pregnancy unfortunately my husband is the one!!

kelster said...

((hugs)) Hopefully he'll come around and participate in the joy of the situation. What did ds say about it?