Thursday, January 25, 2007

A1C 5.5%

Yes, my A1C was 5.5% - down from 5.7 last Sept. Moving in the right direction, and actually pretty good considering Thanksgiving and Christmas were within those red blood cells' lifespans. (hmmm, something grammatically odd about that phrase). I get to go back every 4 weeks from now until delivery, we'll see if I can get it down to 5.2 or so. These overnight glucoses in the 80s have got to help tremendously.
No 160s after lunch on the weekends would help a whole lot more.
The report said my 2 week test was normal as well. Huh? What 2 week blood glucose average test? Never heard of such an animal.
My TSH was actually up from Dec even though I've upped my thyroid meds - I guess pregnancy does a number on your thyroid as well, so my dosage is going up again on that too. I wish I could blame this tiredness on the thyroid but it's only 2.381. That's a lot lower than it used to be "normally" before I went to an endo who actually had read up on the latest suggested "normal" ranges.
I wonder if I might be anemic. Ob/Gyn said I could try iron and see how I felt. Cripes, I'm getting blood drawn about every 3 weeks from one doc or another, you'd think somebody could check it for me. I hesitate to just start taking iron because it's so constipating and I'm having enough issues with that just from the pregnancy hormones!
No wonder my husband calls me hypochondriac!
This afternoon I get my final crown put in! Hopefully back to every 3 months for the dentist. It will be nice to get to only FOUR medical/dental/therapeutic visits a month. Sarcasm intended. But I will do whatever it takes to ensure this baby's health and well-being.
I have given myself until May 1st to decide whether to persue the VBAC option. I am researching it and talking to all these experts. Expect to read more on the subject.
My elastic waistband today is uncomfortably tight. I do believe I have started growing in the belly area. This is difficult for me, being overweight already. As much as I am delighted to see proof of the baby - I dread seeing my waist expand even more. I doubt the average person on the street would even guess that I am expecting. I am thinking I need a couple pair of maternity slacks and maybe several tops that make it OBVIOUS that there is a baby in here. Maybe a sign for around my neck?
Everytime I tell another person, I feel a twinge of fear. Fear that telling people will cause me to lose this baby too. I can't even write about it much because it is a paralyzing emotion.


Lyrehca said...

Congrats on everything going well so far. The two-week blood sugar test is the fructosamine test, and it's like a shorter A1c test.

Flmgodog said...

Nice A1C.
I can't say that I know about the two week test but sounds like Lyrecha does. I will be interested to hear what your decision is on the VBAC.