Thursday, January 11, 2007

Amnio Results are Back!

The amnio results are back and everything genetic is fine! Two of each chromosone and all in the right place, etc. Whewww.
Big relief to me. Told work this week - it was fun.
New habit - waking at 1 or 2 am for 2-3 hours. It's wiping me out. I took a holiday tomorrow - will have dear son but still won't have to work and can sleep til 6 or maybe even 7 am. He sleeps later when I'm not prowling around the house getting ready for work at 5 am.
I have some blogs I really love and they are making me feel like a terrible blogger. Hopefully I will improve.

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Lyrehca said...

Congrats on the great amnio results. Can TOTALLY relate to the insomnia, sadly. Now that I'm further along, the discomfort of sleeping keeps me up. Good luck!