Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not morning sickness

I had an awful 48 hour bug. I am still not better, but at least I can sit upright and type a little.
Got the test results. My odds of a Downs baby based on my age alone are 1 in 22. After the screening, it's 1:421. Odds of Trisomy 13 or 18 on age alone are 1:41, post-screening, they are 1:801. I am pretty happy with those numbers, so we will wait on an amnio and skip the CVS and risks with that.
Do NOT want to go to work today. Am going to try and take tomorrow off so I can get ahead of the xmas stuff. I wasn't doing too badly but 2 sick days in prime card/shipping time messed me up. I would like to get EVERYTHING wrapped up this weekend so I can enjoy the week before Christmas. Not likely but I can Try!


Kelster said...

Glad your feeling better, sweetie.

Those numbers are really great! I'm sure you're thrilled ((hugs))

Ah hem. Can't the MAN wrap? LOL. In our house I do the purchasing and Samantha does the wrapping. She loves to do it (uses SOOO much tape LOL) and does a terrific job, so why not?

AmyT said...

It's nerve-wracking but the chances are slim. Hang in there! I'm on Day 4 of the same bug, btw. Still feel kinda weak. This was a nasty one.