Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Blizzard ?!?!?!?!?!??

This is not normal for Colorado front range - 2 blizzards in 10 days?
I am working from home again today. Took Kimo to the ear doc's this am. He has negative pressure and it could be this, yada yada, it could be that yada yada. Net result, I have to take him back yet again in 4 months. I wonder if they don't just like the steady stream of $30 specialist co-pays and insurance checks. That's not very nice but when you work 55 miles from home and the doc is 15 miles in the opposite direction, a "simple" appointment becomes a logistical nightmare.
I know da kane is a lot closer, but I handle all the medical appts because he doesn't get all my questions answered and can't repeat the appointment verbatim for me when I get home.
This is related to my strong interest in medicine. This is how I prefer to describe my hypochondria!
I was able to get the heartbeat on my rented doppler over last weekend. I am not listening daily as there is some debate over the effect of the sonic waves on the little bean when used a lot. Boy, let me tell you what a reassurance it is to be able to hear him/her.
I've been a LOT MORE nauseous this past week or so than the first trimester, which is weird. Whatever it takes to get to a healthy bouncing June baby!

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