Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fasting Blood Sugars Dropping?

I'm a little concerned that my fasting blood sugars are dropping when my meds and insulin dose are staying the same. Could my cold be causing this? Or the fact that I stopped Progesterone supplementation a week ago? I don't think I'm eating that much differently, but I am not snacking much after dinner because I'm either going to sleep or I'm battling heartburn. This has me worried that something is wrong with Little Bean.
Luckily, I have an ultrasound at 11 am today - that will put my mind at ease. Then, after that I will call the endo's office, if I can get through during their short window of operation - 8:30 to 11 and 1:30 to 3:30 or something ridiculous like that. I want to know why he wanted to see me every 4 weeks last preg and this time he hasn't wanted to see me yet and I'm 13 wks. And shouldn't he be testing my TSH? I thought the synthetic thyroid would need to be adjusted during preg.
I guess I was due for a day with a lot of questions - it's been a few. If anyone knows anything about this stuff, PLEASE POST.
PS Little Bean is just fine - kicking and rolling and bouncing up a storm. I can see why Tom Cruise had to buy his own ultrasound machine. It would be tempting if I had the money.

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kelster said...

Thank god, the beanie is okay! Congrats on getting out of the first tri-mester!

Prayers and warm thoughts will come your way from us until you post a pic of the new babe.

Have you thought about when you'll tell ds about the new one?

My friend that had the complications finally told her dd (age 6) last week. She's 5 months and 3 weeks preg. LOL. She just wanted to make sure the lil' guy (yup, it's a boy) stuck.

Just fyi, the friend had bad contractions the first week of dec and went into er. contractions were almost 20 an hour and come to find out were BLADDER contractions. she had such a bad bladder infection that it was contracting. No other symptoms up til then. Very scary for her and her dh. All is well now.

Love and hugs and have a Merry Christmas!