Saturday, December 09, 2006

Debating Decisions

I am questioning the CVS test again. 1 in 100 causing a m/c (miscarriage) doesn't seem too bad, but the amnio is 1 in 1000. I can't imagine the devastation if I had the CVS, then had a m/c that may have been caused by the CVS, then found out the genes were all normal.
I guess I'm taking my lead from the specialist, Dr. Bill. He would actually perform the test. Since Dr. Bill kept going on about how invasive it was and how the amnio is safer; naturally I was influenced. My reg ob/gyn, Dr. H., tried that on me too, but I reminded him that we had done CVS with Kimo and I knew his wife had done CVS on both their pgs, including twice on one because the first sample didn't grow.
The question always comes down to what would we do with bad results. If you would terminate, the sooner you know the better. I am still not sure. We were so sure in the past, but there is such a range of defects and possibilities.
I must get back to being semi-productive. My day off was wonderful but I didn't get a whole lot accomplished.

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Flmgodog said...

Thanks for the comment. I will be interested to hear how you are doing! Hopefully you made a decision on the CVS vs Amnio. I don't know what I would do. I have had several losses as well so the risks for those tests freak the heck out of me. Hope all goes well.