Monday, August 28, 2006

Return to the Working World

Back to work today and it was BRUTAL.
The alarm going off at 4:45 - UGH.
I hit the snooze 3 times, therefore did not do a workout.
I thought I had kept up last week pretty well, but I was WRONG. Very busy, which made the day go faster.
I took the car in for an oil change at lunchtime. Put my tennies on to walk around the block while it was there (yay me!). Got to the end of the block and SWORE I smelled wacky tobaccy. It's been a lotta years, but this guy parked in his truck was glaring at me funny, so I walked back down the way I had come. At least it was 10 mins extra intentional exercise.
The drive home seemed to take forever, like the drive in. I guess I am so used to the 45 mins each way I had forgotten how LONG it takes.
I am exhausted and had forgotten about an outside job I promised to do tonight. It's done running now and it's 9 pm, and 4:45 comes awful early.

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