Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cranky, Irritable, not much fun

Yep, that's me today. I don't even have a good excuse. Not PMS, nor TOM, or high-low sugar.
It started last night when I got home and my toddler head-butted me AGAIN, this time right in the mouth, quickly causing a fat lip. I adore my little guy, but we have talked about this time and time and time again, he's been doing it for about 18 months. He just doesn't have that good of a sense of where his body resides in space yet. Or what throwing his head back can do when he is sitting on Mommy or Daddy's lap. But it can be aggravating.
Actually it started before that when I was driving home and it was taking FOREVER. My time is so over-booked that some days I really resent driving a couple hours a day. Even though my pay and benefits are good.
Then da kane ticked me off. Then I had forgotten I had a side-job to do on an antique computer system in California. I cannot believe this company is still running this 15 year old PC with 20 year old software for an important part of their business. I am just about the only person in the United States that can help them for a reasonable sum and for some strange reason I feel obligated to assist. It only took about 90 minutes but STILL.
Today I continue to feel all pi$$y. Ugly word, but it truly fits. I can't really say Cranky anymore, because it makes me think of the crane on the Island of Sodor. (Where Thomas the Tank Engine resides). Irritable sounds like a rash.
Speaking of rashes, I found a new blog to love - DoctorMama. Check it out.
Now I am just rambling. This blog is starting to irritate me too - I do not spend enough time on my posts - it is more like a diary than any kind of art. Other blogs are so much better crafted than mine.
Ok, now I can hardly stand myself. Time to put the ear buds in with some "Adult Alternative" music and try to focus on actually doing what I am paid to do!

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