Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On a Roll - Day Three

Here I am, early afternoon on my 3rd day back on track and it’s going GREAT!

I am working from home today. Anyway, I used to work from home one day a week, but then it stopped last year due to some personnel turnover and big projects. I asked last week and got the ok, so Wednesdays I get to sleep an extra 90 mins and be home at 4:01! The downside is that I am 10 steps away from the kitchen and there’s no one to judge my snacking.
But I have my tracker book out and I have written down the everything I’ve eaten so far, so I will just stick to doing it! I also don’t have chocolate or bad snacks in the house, except for some animal crackers that I don’t care for anyway, and hubby’s freezer pops which don’t appeal because my sugar shoots straight up from them.
I did 20 mins Yoga Mon and Tues. Mon the dog “helped”, last night DS “helped”. Tonight I’m going to try the stability ball while DS watches Thomas or Zoboomafoo, that might work better. But I will keep trying to squeeze in the 15 min McD’s yoga session before bed, it really does help my stress/insomnia/panic. And it’s so short, it’s easy to fit in. By the time you get out the mat, load the DVD, get through the warnings and ads, it’s more like 25 mins. Just like the 30 min dvd is really like 45. When I went to a gym, a 1 hour work out was almost 3 hours with packing and drive time, so I guess working out at home is an improvement.
I can't help but wonder if yoga won't help me sugar as well? Hard to say with only 2 days especially since I also quit eating after 8 pm. My fasting levels have been awesome.
Has anyone else noticed that injecting into a stretch mark tends to be less painful? I say tends because about 33% of the time I start to inject and OWIE! It hurts. When I use a stretch mark, it's only about 10% of the time I get the owie-factor. I know they indicate a tear in a skin or muscle layer or something like that, wonder if it's ok to use them?
I signed up for Glucerna's 13 week program for diabetics, but let it slide and now I'm 5 weeks into it, but really just starting. I've contacted them to see if they can reset my account and try again. I don't plan on buying a lot of their products, but it looked like a good plan overall.
Lastly, I've been reading lots of blogs about CGM, and it sounds fascinating to me to have a constant input on blood sugars and which way they're going. Since I'm Type 2 and no complications, there's no way I could get one approved. Does anyone know if it's possible to rent one for a few weeks? I bet that's not available yet, but as soon as it is, I want to rent one! Just to get a better understanding of how my body reacts to food and exercise.


Monika said...

Congrats on the hard work Kim!

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