Thursday, July 27, 2006

On Blogging (One)

I have read that I must blog each day to maintain readership. Since I doubt I have any/many readers, that amuses me. However, it is good discipline, and perhaps will help me get some internal benefits from my blogging.
I am really enjoying investigating the blogosphere. Now I know what a meme is. I also found "blog seeds", which I will continue to explore. For today:
25 Things You Never Wanted to Know
1 - Bell Peppers make me belch
2 - Cucumbers make me belch, but pickles don't.
3 - I love both cucumbers and pickles
4 - I bought the biggest cucumber I have ever seen at the farmer's market last week.
5 - My mother taught me that ladies only use black ink
6 - I only use black ink, or colors for special occasions
7 - I hate blue ball point pens
8 - I am 60 lbs or more overweight
9 - I was diagnosed with diabetes 11 months ago
10 - One would think that #9 would cause me to do something about #8, but I just talk and write about it a lot.
11 - I am terrified of getting Lasix eye surgery
12 - I have worn glasses since I was in 6th or 7th grade
13 - I think my 2 yr old son needs glasses
14 - My husband has worn glasses since he was a toddler, I think
15 - I am so un-artistic, I am almost an anti-artist
16 - I admire artists' ability to create beauty
17 - My best work friend's last day was today.
18 - I love to take photographs
19 - I really wear a size 9 shoe, but I don't admit it and continue to say I wear an 8 1/2 like I did before my son was born.
20 - I am an ENFP most days.
21 - I love personality tests.
22 - I didn't start gardening until my late 20's and I love it
23 - I have a hard time sticking to any self-improvement path for long.
24 - I have red hair
25 - I have a LOT of freckles.


Kerri. said...

I am so into personality tests it's a little bit dodgy. And I also didn't start gardening until my late twenties. Actually, in college I killed a plastic plant because I left it in the picture window when we all went on vacation and the stupid thing melted. I've come quite a long way since then.

And I'm one of your readers. So there. :)

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