Friday, November 23, 2007

Hallllooooooo Out There

Yes, I'm still living.
My new blogging gig has outed me, so my semi-anonymous soap box here is not even partially anon anymore.  This leaves me wondering what I can say here without offending anyone, or sharing more than I'd like, or using up good diabetes blog fodder I could use at dLife.
I do intend to work my way back here.  Things are heating up with the holidays of course, but Maile is almost 5 months and we're getting into a routine with her, so life approaches a semblance of normalcy.
Belated Happy Thanksgiving to the 2 people who are still checking in on me!  I will try to get to the meme this weekend!


AmyT said...

Hey O,
I'm still checking.

Hope you are well and haven't disappeared from the blogosphere completely.

All the best,

Sara said...

Hi, it's Sara from Quitnet TTC group from 2005. You blogging somewhere else? Hope you are doing well! Still quit?

Anonymous said...

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