Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mid-week Moment

Ahhhhh. 9:30 pm. My alarm went off at 5:45 am. My first chance to really breath, yet I'm still having to re-insert pacifier every 3-5 minutes.
(Funny, now that pacifiers are back "in" and proven to reduce SIDS risk, etc - Maile loves them. Kimo never much cared for them, which was good back in the day 4 years ago when pacifiers would ruin their teeth for life, etc, etc.)
Deep breath. No, I wasn't working terribly hard today, but I was still "on". I have been "on" since 6 am.
Yesterday and today I have been eating like the old me. Not good. I have lost almost 40 pounds since Maile's birthday. I don't want to put it back on. It's a stress thing, I'm sure.
I really need to take a few minutes several times a day to deep breath and feel joy and gratitude for this infant and my wonderful 3 year old and my crazy, busy life. Get centered again.
That's the project this week. For right now, I have 15 minutes to spend in mindless games before sleep, and I'm going to do so. Peace; out.


Lyrehca said...

Hi--I just read your post about breastfeeding and type 2 over on Blogabetes, but the site won't allow me to comment (it keeps saying I need to log in and when I do, it says I'm not logged in).

Needless to say, I've had a frankly impossible time trying to boost my own milk supply with type 1. I've tried many of the galactagogues mentioned, including fenugreek, and nothing's made a change in my supply at all (and fenugreek didn't affect my blood sugar at all, as far as I could tell).

Like you, I've also looked for a lot of info about diabetes and breastfeeding and have found a bit of info about diabetes affecting milk supply, but no real answers on why. I'm still pumping, seven months later, but Baby L has gotten formula from the beginning since he lost too much weight when I tried to nurse alone. Don't feel bad about needing to use formula if you need to--it's available for a reason and without it, my kid and many more wouldn't be thriving. All best!

Scott M said...

You've been Tagged for a MeMe. Check it out

Diabetes Supply said...

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