Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sick Day

Yet another cold - my 2nd in a month. I didn't sleep much last night, so called in sick about 5:30 am, fasting sugar was 86 and went back to bed for 4 hours. Then I got up and my sugar was 87. I am never quite sure how to handle sick days. The hand-out from my doc's office is little to no help, so I try to eat well or some for the baby, take my metformin, because I think consistency with that prescription is key; and wing it for the rest.
For example, I decided with an 87 and no metformin in me, I could do the met and skip the insulin. We will see how that plays out. I managed to get some sprouted wheat toast in me and a banana, but I'm way short on protein. The kitchen is a disaster, so eggs are unlikely and the thought of peanut butter on my toast made me want to hurl. The protein from a diabetes perspective is to slow down the carbs, but my sprouted wheat bread already has 5 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber for it's measly 15 grams of carbs per slice. The protein is also important for the baby, but nobody gives you numbers on that. This is just really boring rambling.
I admit to be surprised that there wasn't even a single comment on my last post. Here I am baring my soul about fertility and nobody's reading me anyway! Good pinprick to the ego.
I talked to the Lactation consultant and the Thomas W Hale book, Medications and Mothers' Milk - generally the bible for meds and breastfeeding - gives metformin an L1 ranking. Meaning it's about as safe as tylenol! Too bad the PA didn't just tell me that. Funny, it's a $30 book, but neither my ob/gyn, perinatologist nor endocrinologist have a copy for reference. No wonder the US breast-feeding rate is so low.
I don't want to go off on a rant on that topic! I certainly support a mother's choice to feed her baby however she decides, but c'mon - we have these appendages on our chests for a reason - and that reason is not to inflate them to a Double-E cup for the amusement of males of the species.
Back to bed for me, with lots of fluids and maybe a sudafed to see if I can lose awareness of my sinus cavities!

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kelster said...

Aww, sorry you're feeling crappy.

Hey, my needy friend's water broke this morning. She's been in labor all week but stayed at home to finish "nesting" LOL. I just spoke to her and she says they're going to give her a shot to speed things along.