Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm SO excited!

And I just can't hide it! I know, I know, I know, I know I want you! Yes, I'm stuck in the disco age today, thanks to a novel I'm listening to - "Beyond the Blonde". A flashback chapter has our heroine trying to enter Studio 54 at the height of it's popularity. So far, a most entertaining novel but I'm only on disc 2. Listening to books in the car has made my commute seem shorter and even more importantly, seems to leave me less stressed.
Anyway, back to the source of my excitement.
I saw my endocrinologist today. He is supportive of my wish to change my focus from pregnancy to weight loss. I am going off Lantus IMMEDIATELY. He suggested phentermine instead of Byetta. More studies done on phentermine, longer history, etc. I am leery of phertermine because I did phen-fen for 3 days before it was outlawed and hated it - it made me very speedy and jittery. Everything else was fine with him.
Next up was the new nutritionist! I loved her! 35-ish, glasses, not too gorgeous, not too doctory-snobby, very nice and very helpful. She and her MA (Medical Assistant?) asked a ton of questions and I didn't feel at all rushed. She got me set up on a Glycemic Index type of diet. I need to write down the changes I'm going to make, but I haven't got time right now - that will be another post.

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