Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hoisted by my own Petard

I had a great ranting and raving post about the new requirements to be put in a federal database to buy Tylenol Severe Sinus medication. I kept thinking about this post, yet freezing when I started to write it. Now that it's 3 weeks later I realize that I just don't want to write it!
AND it has nothing to do with the stated intent of this blog. AND it won't do any good anyway because the US govt is going to H-E-double hockey sticks in a handbasket anyway!
Tomorrow is endo appt and new dietician appt. My weight has been down and now is back up to the 2006 highest. GREAT! WTF is up with this?????
Last post I mentioned feeling sickly, I was hit HARD with a 22-hour nasty bug - I wonder now if it wasn't a touch of the e. coli bug. I don't know if you can get a mild case of that, but I was eating big containers full of spinach from Sam's Club most of that month. Hmmmmm?
More later, I just wanted to get something up here.
Oh yes, my son turned 3 yesterday!


KELSTER said...

Happy B-day, DS!!!!

Love that picture, the black and white really brings it to life!

Monika said...

Happy birthday to your son! Glad you're back....I missed reading you.

AmyT of said...

Happy B-day, little guy!

So I wonder why you think you're doing a poor job of dealing with your D, when your A1c is improving (?) You deserve a pat on the back, actually.