Friday, June 30, 2006

Return of the Disappearing Blogger

Like 60% of the US population, I started a blog in 2004 and never returned to it! Amazingly enough, blogspot did not delete it!
I began reading some blogs re: diabetes and was inspired to come back here and start a new blog, but I didn't have to.
Here I am.
Not much has changed since Dec '04. Still working at to be nameless huge multi-national, still living on our 7 acres outside of the Springs. Still overweight, though 20 lbs lighter. Still mother to one incredible, wonderful, precious little boy.
The biggest change has been the diabetes diagnosis, but that was a while ago ( 8/5/05). I was pregnant at the time, and my prenatal HbA1c came back at 6.0. "Normal" is 4.0 - 6.0 but doc said that it was Type 2. I lost that baby at 7 weeks and the A1c didn't come down much.
Another pregnancy in February (lost at 8 weeks) of this year appears to have triggered an autoimmune attack on my thyroid (purely conjecture on my part, docs have neither confirmed nor denied the link yet). At any rate my thyroid function is dropping like a rock.
Even starting the synthetic thyroid 2 weeks ago didn't shake me awake regarding my medical status, but it seemed to start the process.

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Rachel said...

hey, I just saw your link on the OC and wanted to say hi to another OC member from Colorado.